Stressed Out

We’ve all had the feeling, the longing to scream or quietly hide avoiding certain situations, hoping that your problems will pass. Most people will feel this in life, some more than others. Of course adults have stress but we do too!!

Teenage life is tough, sometimes it feels everyone is against you, parents and teachers. You’re gone over your project deadline, or exams are closer than you thought, things appear to be just piling on top of you, never ending. On top of school problems life at home can be stressful. Everyone has their own problems whether it’s an essay that’s due (that you’ve put off for weeks, all problems differ clearly and have a variety of consequences.

Despite what they are we have to try prevent them from stressing us to the limits. It’s only human to feel stress, too much is not good for your health. Tension is created, sleepless nights haunt you and you have those snappy moments with others.

So you’ve no nails left, your body’s drained with worry and you feel like you’ll never escape or gain relaxation. So when you hit this emergency that stress made, just remember, no problem is impossible, you can always find a solution …. When you look for it

Manage your Stress

It may also help to manage stress. The best of us, even the most chilled person you have ever met would get stressed at times. Try not to let work pile up on you! Divide the things that have been stressing you out into things you can control in your life (homework, social life etc) into things you can’t (parents, siblings, friends). When things appear to be piling up, decide which is most important and urgent and do them and slowly do the others. If you can’t fix a problem that is stressing you out you should talk to someone, like a friend, even a teacher. Also put your little problems into perspective with other peoples ‘problems, it actually works!!!

  • Don’t let things pile up on you, do a little every day.
  • Eat healthy and have exercise! Proven – a 20min brisk walk 3 times a week helps prevent depression! So there!!!
  • No matter how you think you feel while drinking it – alcohol is a depressant! Don’t use it or drugs to relieve tension.
  • Have a laugh with your buddies! What’s better than that?
  • Make sure you have at least 8 hours sleep, we all need it!
  • Don’t get stressed over little worries like homework and school, they are important but shouldn’t control your life!
  • If there is something important bugging you, family problems or bullies, don’t try to deal with it yourself, tell an adult or friend

Exam Survival GUIDE

As we all know exams are an unfortunate reality of school life whether they are class tests or the dreaded junior/leaving cert. They (teachers and parents) are all consistently telling us that if study regularly (that is after an hour or two of homework) then exams will be no problem. Who really does this?? Most of us rely on cramming in as much info the weeks leading up to the exams and cross all fingers and toes it will pass us! But the weeks leading up to an exam can be VERY stressful. If you haven’t worked all year then you can feel it’s too late. But anything is better than nothin! And every little helps.

Here are some tips for preparing for your exams.
  • Be honest with YOURSELF . You’re the only one who knows what you’ve studied or not!
  • Arrange a study space where it’s warm quiet and comfortable (if your house is beginning WW3 ask to use an empty class room or go to the local library)
  • Make a study plan and stick to it.
  • Give your self some time off (studying for hours on end will only give you a pain in the ass) 10 mins walk for every hour.
  • It’s always easier to remember something you’ve written.
  • DON’T compare yourself to your friends. (Especially if you’ve Einstein and Edison as mates)
  • Ask a teacher for help with anything you don’t understand. That’s what they’re there for!!
  • Have a good breakfast, it does help!
  • Don’t start the “I’m gonna fail” routine your bringing yourself down and everyone around you. Be POSITIVE
  • Take time to read the paper well.
  • Mark the questions you know and start on them. It’ll get you going well.
  • Keep a check on time.
  • Avoid looking around at other classmates they will always appear to have written more.
  • Don’t go over what went wrong it’s in the past. Concentrate on the next exam
  • Good luck with the exams. I hope they all go well just remember it’s not the end of the world! If your having trouble tell someone don’t put on a brave face.